Saturday, January 17, 2009


I got my four-wheeler licence about 6 months ago by pure dumb luck.Neither did I know how to drive properly and nor did I have the confidence.My driving instructor just wanted to get rid of me so badly that she put me for the test way before i learned to drive properly.And the driving inspector just wanted to end the test some how and go get medicine for his headache that he just scribbled 'pass' in my form even after i crash landed the car.Then it was our driver who took the task into hands and decided to teach me.After 6 months of training I got the courage to take my car out to college by myself.
Things were going so great.I went to college, took my friends for a spin and came of my friends went home and sent a text praising me on how much I've improved.And i was feeling so full of pride..
'Thank you Thank you..why you are so kind!Yes, i do drive pretty well, don't I?Right from my childhood I knew I was destined for a life on wheels..'....BANG..
yup..I was so busy feeling full of myself that i didnt notice a stupid auto driver overtaking me on my leftside.I know..You aren't supposed to overtake on the leftside..IDIOT..and ofcourse i was supposed to pay attention also..anyway the traffic police instructed me to pull over and deal with the autoriksha guy.
My heart was beating at 80kmph..
I parked and got out.From the guys face I got it that he was gona make it a big deal and try and get money from me.The minute he started talking I started to yell at him..I was screaming how he broke the traffic rule by overtaking on the left(which was my only point to drive) and how he has cost a fortune for me cause the left side of my car is totally ruined(which had a couple of scratches).His face slowly changed in awe because of the speed at which I as talking..And after a couple of minutes of staring at me, he decided to leave..
Man..was that a scary few minutes..I have no idea how I drove the rest of the way home.So ppl..Don't get too worked up when ppl say you are good at some thing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am right in the middle of my semester exams and a strange sort of lazyness has gripped me.Even when my mind knows that i need a good score this sem,I study only when i am with is pure vanity.And as part of this strange new disease, i went ahead and watched 'Rang De Basanthi' on Youtube.I have always wanted to see it.Even though i couldnt have chosen a worst time for watching it, I felt so good for doing it.Call me a wuzzy,but i was wimpering all through the final scenes.I can understand why it was such a hit among the youngsters.It portrays (almost) all that frustrates and irritates the youth in our country..correption, dirty politics and so on.Some thing that came to my mind after watching it was that how u act and what you think to be right depends a lot on how you see and take things....Aamir and others RDB saw how the govt was turning a blind eye on the whole MIG thing ..and they understood that it was wrong.They truely believed that what was happening was wrong and that them reacting can open others' eyes.And it was that belief in their actions that made them strong enough to overcome fear.Now maybe Kazab and the 9 other terrorists, who unleashed those 66 hours of pure terror in Mumbai on 26/11, were also under such an impression.They must have believed or have been taught to believe that doing such an atrocitious deed as killing so many innocent people will get them what ever damn thing they wanted.They really must have believed their actions were good.MAN, WERE THEY WRONG!Killing innocent people will not open the gates of any heaven for you, thats for sure.Man,do i feel sorry for those 10.They were wrong, they did wrong and they died doing wrong.How bad can u life go?So i wonder..Do i believe in whats right?How do we know whats right?Are the people who tell us right from wrong right?I guess thats what life is all about!Figuring out whats right and whats wrong!