Monday, November 17, 2008


A special occasion to thank a bunch special of ppl...

My mother,who has known me longer than I've known myself..if she had given up on me during the 20+1 years of my existence, the world would have surely been a better place..

My father..I'm not sure if he knows how old i am..there is so much to thank for, that i am lost for words..with out a few fights, what is life??

My sister.."money can't buy everything"..she told me as a birthday message..though she was referring to her one of a kind gift, none could have given me a better advice baby..

My two best friends, who don't believe in friendship-for-ever, but makes me hope for it every second i think about them!!
My best friend, my baby life has changed so much since i got you..and i believe it has all been for the one has ever got so close to seeing the Medusa in me..and am not sure if anyone else can survive so far ..that's what makes me wish u would be there to wish me happy birthday for the decades to come..
My best friend, my baby sis..u r my confession box, my guide..i promise I'll be there with u when u need help, comfort, companionship and even when u r bored..but promise me u won't get me into trouble..just kidding!!

My dearest friends, my class guys have made my day better than I've ever imagined it..if only i cud repay all the joy u hav brought me..u giv the meaning to 'luv u all'..

It's been a wonderful day!!!