Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My life as a B. tech student is ending. Nowadays so many messages saying 'these 4 years won’t come back' are forwarded, so many flowery sentences trampling our the same sentiments. It makes me wonder...

You see I dint feel ANYTHING at the end of 10th..because I was soo looking forward to what came after with such hope that I dint actually understand the whole deal about the farewell and the crying and all .I thought- ‘We are all Gona be around in the same city and we all have telephone numbers, so what’s the deal??’ But then I didn’t know that I was this lazy. Now I’ve almost completely lost contact with even my closest closest pals of 6 years. Couple of them still make it a point to call me at 6 am on my birthday like they used to, filling me with so much regret and sadness especially since I (being the Lazy ass I am ) have forgotten their birthdays for the last 3 years. I’ve lost my 10th class photo. I don’t remember names. I am a horrible person. Every time my still in touch friend calls and tells all about the others I feel so horrible for not being the person who does call them all.12th standard was another story. Since I was one of the new people is school I can’t say I bonded much over that two year. Still at the end, there were promises to keep in touch and never to forget. By that time everyone had cell phones. So I thought come on, how difficult can it be this time? And now they are just contacts in my mobile...Honestly I have totally forgotten what my friends were like.

Sometimes, when I see their names in my contact list I just wish I could remember how it was to be with them. I sure used to like them a lot but I've totally lost that feeling. I just don’t remember..When I hear of people going to CCD and all to hang out with their old friends and share, about ppl going to school to refresh memories, I just don’t feel like it..maybe I dint have that memories to go back to. i've very rudely forgotten my friends from school...forgotten names I used for 6 year. I think there must be something wrong with me..

So will there 4 years and the friendships be any different?

Well there are some good things. These 4 years have given me far more life experiences than all my school life put together. There are so many memories..It wasn’t just all studying... Actually it was more than just studying that happened these 4 years. These four years were all about reinventing yourself, throwing away the inhibitions (and a bit of dignity), learning new things (everything other than what’s prescribed by the syllabus), bunking to discover the delights of this small city, those stupid crushes , nonstop teasing, gossiping, long phone calls, silly fights, serious fights, finding new levels of friendship, making mistakes, celebrations, birthday surprises, combined slacking, planning tour after tour after tour, group messages, trips to the university, trying to leak the results, praying to get the exam dates postponed, taking photos of every stupid thing, sitting in class and listening for voices calling out ‘on strike’, researching on how to pass without studying the whole subject, begging for sessionals, coming out of the exam hall after the last series exam to see everyone waiting at the canteen and understanding that all those msgs were written my ppl who have felt the exact same way..College was a fresh beginning for me.It had its ups and downs..but the overall average is a +ve value that touches a hundred.From October 4th 2006 till date I enjoyed my life thoroughly..And I hope I remember this feeling for a long long time..