Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So i have successfully downloaded mobile office to my new mob and i have stepped into the world of endless possibilities.No more "what r u doin in front of the pc so late" or "blog? What do U hav to blog about"..Its midnight and guess what am doin?AM BLOGGING :-D..Hellooo freedom!!!so this means I really can make a change in my blogging this comin year.hurray!
Just to terrorise my frnds who r fed up of my crazy stories i hav added my latest shortstory here..read and enjoy..

"It was late one night..In the dark ally he lurked..waitin for a moment to attack.As if afraid to c whats to come, the moon hid its face behind the clouds.He didnt waste that opportunity.He flew into my room..The horrid villian I hav dispised for so long.They called him..THE ROACH..But I wasnt afraid this time.I was equiped to face his spiky hands.I was prepared..To Take Him Down.I drew my weapon..HIT..His body gave a twitch at the sight of it.But he kept his cool.Cunningly and tactically I cornered him..He was taken aback by the unexpected confidance in me..Soon I tricked him into gettin into a plastic box and locked him in...I looked into his cold beady eyes..And they stared back "damn u intelligent mammal..my people will get u for this".I walked away leaving him trapped..No longer will he lurk in those dark allies".

Monday, November 17, 2008


A special occasion to thank a bunch special of ppl...

My mother,who has known me longer than I've known myself..if she had given up on me during the 20+1 years of my existence, the world would have surely been a better place..

My father..I'm not sure if he knows how old i am..there is so much to thank for, that i am lost for words..with out a few fights, what is life??

My sister.."money can't buy everything"..she told me as a birthday message..though she was referring to her one of a kind gift, none could have given me a better advice baby..

My two best friends, who don't believe in friendship-for-ever, but makes me hope for it every second i think about them!!
My best friend, my baby boy..my life has changed so much since i got you..and i believe it has all been for the best..no one has ever got so close to seeing the Medusa in me..and am not sure if anyone else can survive so far ..that's what makes me wish u would be there to wish me happy birthday for the decades to come..
My best friend, my baby sis..u r my confession box, my guide..i promise I'll be there with u when u need help, comfort, companionship and even when u r bored..but promise me u won't get me into trouble..just kidding!!

My dearest friends, my class mates..you guys have made my day better than I've ever imagined it..if only i cud repay all the joy u hav brought me..u giv the meaning to 'luv u all'..

It's been a wonderful day!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Salty Saga

A saying in malayalam goes like this :"Even ambrosia turns into poison when taken in excess"..(Sorry for my underdeveloped skills in translation..the original saying is "adhikamayal amrithum visham")..I must have come across it at least a hundred times in my short depressing life.But never realised the enormity of the literal meaning till recently.

Few days back, i was enjoying an evening leisure after a really crappy examination in front of the PC and fighting with my sister over things that seem utterly irrelevant compared to what happened minutes later.My 80 year old grandmother was in front of the TV for her daily dose of serials. Everyday she sits in front of it from 6.30 P.M. to 10 P.M. and we leave her alone to dwell in her own world of 'Mega' serials.

At some point of time,at which both me and my sister were totally engrossed in our own worlds, a scream fell into my ears..it was rather like some body being chocked..My brain, subjected to years of 'noise' from the TV, ignored it for a whole minute (a most regretted whole minute ) until curiosity took over and i decided to turn around.

The second i realised the strange noise was coming from my grandmother, time froze and the world went mute..i could see her arching her body and going rigid, as if she was hit by an invisible bullet...As i tried to dash towards her to stop her from hitting the floor, it felt as if i was walking through water..As if i was trapped in some kind of glitch in the time space continuum...i don't remember screaming out for my sister or throwing away my mobile (my most priced possession )so that i could hold my gran..she gasped and wriggled in my arms..you think watching hours and hours of tragedies and horror movies would prepare you to handle stuff like this...but it was so damn scary.

I cursed my incapability in driving the car with our guidance (translated to am a scaredy-cat)

I cursed the stupidity of my parents to buy a house so far away from humanity.

I cursed the we-don't-socialise-with-the-neighbours attitude drilled into me.

After half an hour (which felt like a decade..i know how cliched these dialogues sound..but it really did) as she was rushed into the hospital I was cursing that one minute of carelessness..

After two long days in the ICU, gran was diagnosed with an inflammation in the brain caused by high sodium level...plainly saying, from excess intake of salt..Gran had been putting her own measure of salt into what ever she ate , because she can no longer sense the food the way we do..Aging had wore of her sensory glands,says the doc.

It was salt..NaCl.10 H20, corrects my sister..that ruined my university on the following day...that broke down a very healthy 80 year old woman and made her so sick that she no longer remembers how to take a bath...that engraved that scream into my brain and made go on and on for three days, driving me more insane than i already am..Curse you common salt..You may make my food taste yummy, but i will never forgive you!!!

PS:people, Keep an eye on your sugar and salt intake..they are both villains...

Monday, July 14, 2008

A day at Kerala University

All the anxious waiting..the rumours..The supposedly 'confirmed information' from somebody's 'friend's mother who is in the university'..and finally like a thunderbolt from the heavens (malayalathil paranja..idivettu pole) they are here..The results and the uni dates..When all the cribbing\rejoicing has died down, then comes that day...the day when you pack your bags, empty your parents' purses, suit up and..go to the university...Impros,supplies,revals,scrutinies...The Kerala University office compound and Friends janasevanakendram turns into venues for unexpected , unplanned reunions..

Step no 1:The forms..Just like you spot a first year by the drafter,As the dates for the submission of forms get near, you can spot 3/4th of the B.tech population with in the proximities of the uni, flagged by Yellow and blue forms.

Step No 2:The fees..Friends Janasevanakendram, the boon for any bill payer, undergoes a drastic change in its normally speedy process..There is always some one you know from school or college or tution who is paying the fee..So why bother waiting till your number comes..The normal billpayers wait and wait for hours..and most times leave..

Step No 3:Submitting the forms..Find the boxes and putting the forms in afer making sure u put the stamps, the forms and other stuff in and you are good to go...you can cool off and start studying till the hall tickets come, unless you are really unlucky and get a memo from the uni saying you made some mistake in your form..

Remember guys, if you are planning to go to the university, do strike that whole day off your study plans..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

So much have changed...

Seriously...Life was so easy back then.. 10 years ago,there used to be this really nice kid, who was loved by all the teachers..Who used to study from 6 to 9..Listened to her mother.. and the world was so fine!!!...wonder what happend to her??? Life as i knew it once has changed...a lot

For starters , my mother has decided that I'll never learn and is better left to learn on my own..The absence of her constant scolding is starting to scare me..Her yelling meant i was doing something wrong.It never stopped me from doing what I thought to be right..But I still knew what all were wrong..But now, seeing her walk away with an expressionless face (may be there was a Monalisa smile hidden somewhere in the corner of her lips, or may be a mischievous twinkle in her eyes) it just nags me..bestuu..till now I've been nagged about her yelling at me..now am nagged about her not yelling at me*:-O*..Like Mark twain said " In order to make someone want anything,its only necessary to make it difficult to get"..Ok..that isn't exactly the case here..*:-D*...but still...

I've gone from Teachers pet to a "who?"..Cutting classes..Bunking labs..and having no clue of what has been taught in half the subjects..Yes,i know..you would say that i am exaggerating the whole situation(As usual)..when i mentioned this to Appu,he said college is supposed to be like that..and that everyone is in the same state..but my inner voice is planning to file for a divorce..it started screaming and yelling so much during the last two years that i put in on mute...Sure,I got through the stupid question thrown at every single 15 year old's face in this state..Med or Engg..that was purely because what i wanted wasn't an option..now there is a new question thrown right at me...WHAT AFTER COLLEGE??...and this is not even an objective question..No a b c...just fill in the blanks...Rinku told me to give it atlest a week's thought before i give into any decision..you shouldn't regret like the last time,she says..But last time,atleast i knew what i wanted and what i would get..this time,it all blanks.

And to talk about being a nice girl..i still haven't figured out if it is really my mistakes or just the narrow minded,gossip oriented minds of the small society that i exist in, that has made my life so miserable for the last few days..since we are blaming me here, lets just say that it was my bad choices that brought me to this state..I don't know who my real friends are..and I'm not sure if I want to continue with some of the friendships I have..and above all this, I just don't seem to care about all that nowdays..Have i grown into a selfish and selforiented brat??Have i created a monster??

I look back and realise, that being a kid who never knew what the world was all about was far more easier..You dint have to make choices..you dint have that pressure on you to tell right from wrong...you dint have much on your mind than homeworks and cartoons..and you dint have to look out for back stabbers and doublecrossers among your pals..back then life was all rosy..

But i don't regret growing up..not like i had a choice..i have to admit there were wonderful times along the way..and some nice ppl who crossed my path unknowingly;and later on joined my walk..some I've said goodbye..some just fell behind..i've fallen,but i have gotten up..wounds have been made, but they have been healed by time..i'm sure there are lots and lots of surprises left...Let them be good or bad,i still am gona live for atleast half a century and meet thousands of ppl..And till i see the lights i will surely just walk on..still talking too much and forgetting to look both ways when i cross *:-D*..you see,there should be some things that never change right??*;-)*

Sunday, March 23, 2008

So...What happend in the end???

The thing about watching TV at my house is that you almost never get a chance to finish watchin anything.Buyin a TV was my parents' ingenious idea to stop me and my sister from pestering them for outings.I think, from the very first day the TV came into our house (which was May 15th ,my sister's 7th birthday) itself my mother started hating it.Not only was it poluting the minds of her innocent (*wink*) children, but also becoming the reason for constant fights..

Fights over possession of the remote control and the arm chair (Rule no 1 of the TV room:No one but dad can hav both the remote and the arm chair at once for more than 5 mins. Rule no 2:Give dad the remote and his chair back as soon as he comes.You dont want him asking twice), over which channel to watch,when to watch,what to eat during watchin,who's turn to go answer the door,who's turn to pick up the phone...and so it goes on.
Oneway or another one seldom gets a chance to finish watching..what ever it may be.
Let me summarise what usually happens..

Probability 1:I want to watch hindi..She doesnt..me bein the only one in the household who could understand the rastrabhasha ,fights to uphold the greatness of hindi..or rather my right to watch stupid hindi soap operas and demean myself..adi pidi kuthu chavittu karachil and finally a chorus "Ammaaaa...de ivalenne TV kanan sammathikkunnilla"...Mom,who has enough and more things running in her head comes,gives us both enough mailto: '!@!#!@$#!' to last one night, and sends us off to our own rooms.

Probability 2:We ACTUALLY agrees on watching the same program.To be honest,this phenomenon has been occurring more frequently nowadays.Main reason is that Jen has finally started understanding Star World..Its strange how the sitcoms and stuff like Heroes and Bones can unite two sisters against there mother for their rights to watch TV..
yes so we actually agree to watch the same program..Then comes the commercials...we hate commercials..so one of us changes the channel...by the time we change it back the show would hav started and something would hav happened..adi pidi kuthu chavittu karachil...and the routine again..

Probability 3:We decide to watch the same thing,no changing channels,nobody misses anything..the show is almost at the climax..we are glued on to the screen..and then..PEE PEE...the car comes..dad is here..that means Rule 2 has to be put in action..As we watch on in disappointment, dad changes the channel and starts watchin what he feels like watch..definitely not what we want to watch..

So last day, to be specific on vishu day..dad was on a tour..amma was in the kitchen and jen decided to sleep in..no assignments..no tests comin up,except for HOD's usual 'surprise test on next monday'...perfect time to watch TV in peace..
so i sit infront of the TV and start watching this movie called Manorama:Six feet under..it was a different kind of hindi film,the kind i like.. and i was starting to get the hang of it..the climax is at its peak..Satyaveer has discovered what exactly he has got into him..and he confesses all that he knows to his brother-in-law over a drink..and suddenly his vision starts to blur..has Brijmohan double crossed him??was he on the villain's side??what?? what??WHAT??....

BANG..somewhere some stupid fuse blows...With an unbearable urge to scream somebody's head off i retract to my room..May be am not destined to get my head any more screwed by watchin the idiot box..*sigh*..who wants to watch it anyway..

PS:i still wonder what happend in the end of that movie..

Friday, March 14, 2008

At LAST..its the FIRST

After such a pathetically long time,I hav finally got my self wriitin the first post.I'll be frank ppl,Its no writer's block or anything..Its plain old laziness....Dear old me was too busy to put my phone down,drag my butt over to the pc and start typing....but today...I've decided its time for a total make over..its time i start clearing some stuff off the long list of un-done business...
my list has got so long that i dont even remember with what it begins..wait..does anybody remember that??
So here it is...the first post...now lets hope i drag myself to here again atleast in the next decade...