Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So i have successfully downloaded mobile office to my new mob and i have stepped into the world of endless possibilities.No more "what r u doin in front of the pc so late" or "blog? What do U hav to blog about"..Its midnight and guess what am doin?AM BLOGGING :-D..Hellooo freedom!!!so this means I really can make a change in my blogging this comin year.hurray!
Just to terrorise my frnds who r fed up of my crazy stories i hav added my latest shortstory here..read and enjoy..

"It was late one night..In the dark ally he lurked..waitin for a moment to attack.As if afraid to c whats to come, the moon hid its face behind the clouds.He didnt waste that opportunity.He flew into my room..The horrid villian I hav dispised for so long.They called him..THE ROACH..But I wasnt afraid this time.I was equiped to face his spiky hands.I was prepared..To Take Him Down.I drew my weapon..HIT..His body gave a twitch at the sight of it.But he kept his cool.Cunningly and tactically I cornered him..He was taken aback by the unexpected confidance in me..Soon I tricked him into gettin into a plastic box and locked him in...I looked into his cold beady eyes..And they stared back "damn u intelligent mammal..my people will get u for this".I walked away leaving him trapped..No longer will he lurk in those dark allies".