Monday, September 21, 2009

Music has been part of my life ever since my dad brought me a walkman cassette player.Well the ownership of it is still a point for debate between me and my sis..I repeat my statement"..My dad bought ME..".I think I was about 11 or something.Am not saying I never listened to music before that.But it was the walkman that gave me the freedom to choose what I wana listen to and when I wanted to listen.Even though that freedom was limitted to a single cassette of 'The Bombay Girl'(I have been trying so hard in vain to find those tracks online) and the 12 tracks in it, it really was something.May be its those nights, falling asleep listening to Alisha Chinnoy's voice that has made me so addicted to music.

I have come a long way from Alisha..Hanging out with Phalguni, spending a while with West life and Backstreet boys..then Micheal Jackson, Abba, Rafi..learning how beautiful old malayalam tracks are..then back to pop with Jlo (I hanged on to her for a very long time),Kylie minogue, Savage Garden,Evanescence..My taste has varied with large deviations..and it still does..from Tylor Swift to As I lay Dying

For me music is something really powerful.I donno how Rahman does it.How do they do it?Creating something that can make such an effect on human brain.I mean I should know cause music is the only thing that has got me through nights with splitting headache and times when I cant control my anger.Music has made me cry, it has made me sing and it has even made me dance.Note that I don't like doing any of those things.It really astounds is basically nothing but vibrations..but how could it make someone feel stuff way more than vibrations? There must be thousands and thousand tracks in our brain right?I mean there are so many tunes and songs that I listen to for the first time every other day.its absolutely astounding.. And sometimes when you listen to a track u haven't listened to in a while and suddenly you get a rush of emotions which takes you back to the time you used listen to that track..have you guys felt that??..thats music playing games with your memories..its like it has a key to open your heart and that safe vault of your memories in your head..wierd..and yet I love it when that happens!!!Here is my current favorite list.I hope you guys like 'em too

Tear drops on my guitar-Taylor Swift-It is so straight straight from the heart in simple words.I love her for that song that made me cry the first time I listened to it.If you have ever felt like whats being sung in this song,it will definitely strike a cord in your heart

The Darkest nights-As I lay dying
-Its so'WOW'..I had friends who screamed at me for making them listen to AILD.But I believe once you learn to listen beyond all the screaming its beyond beautiful.And even those who call it screaming must admit that the opening bit is just g8.

Collapse-Rise against:well, I've always like rhyming stuff..the lyrics are pretty cool..and so is the upbeat tune..if you like this one you will also like Entertainment

Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai -remix(Woh Lamhe 2006)-Donno how g8 this song is.But everytime I listen to it, makes me miss the joy being young ,stupid and in love..miss those days!

As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth
-There is a electric guitar solo thingy by the end(from 3.02 to 3.37 exactly) which is just out of this world.Well yes,in the beginnig it leaves your head throbbing.But really people there IS music in just have to find it.

Oorvasi Oorvasi - What a song man!!!Hail A R Rahman!!!i havnt figured out the whole song..yetto understand the meaning of almost half of it..but it is still one of favs

Uyire Uyire - Bombay-Hail A R Rahman!!!He really is the meastro!

Tum Se Hi - Jab We Met-I donno..I love this song.May be its the scene wit Kareena dancing in the rain.Though I dont like Bebo that much, I have a thing for rain.Anything to do with rain is my favorite.

Mehfuz-Euphoria -It is one of the most saddest and feel-all-fuzzy-inside songs I have ever heard.With out any reason at all this song has made me cry.And also it was when Palash and the band was playing this song during AAGNEYA-09 that I realized that missing all those classes and getting into all those risky businesses was really worth it.

Puthu vellai mazhai- ROJA- A R R does it agian.One un-believably sensous song.What more to say !

Tourniquet- Evanescence -Am really not a religious person.But this is one of my favourite songs.Words of a soul trapped and scared of being shut out of the world beyond for the crime of committing suicide-It has such frustration and emotion in it.

Everybody's fool-Evanescence- Another one with un-belivable lyrics

Maanam thelinje vannal-Thenmaavin kombathu
- my longest favorite malayalam song.i hear it was Choreographed by is one of the most beautiful video made in malayalam cinema

Bheegi bheegi raathon main-
remix-my heart skips a beat when i listen to this one..Rain is like my favorite theme this this one is too dear a song for me!