Sunday, September 26, 2010

Attention Flatmates: Wash your dishes.

Today I went out shopping with my room-mates/colleagues and blew a part of my salary on cloths shoes and accessories..Reached home around 9 all excited about trying everything on and Voilà...The cook hasn’t come, so no food;plus the maid hasn't come, so all the dishes from the past 2 days r still in sink (we don’t cook but our 3 other flat mates do), the flat is a bloody STINK HOLE and my flat mates are simply sitting there saying "we will scold the maid when she comes tomorrow"..Well, what about your bloody dishes that r in the sink stinking the place up??Starting from 10 pm, I started washing the #@% dishes, even though none of them were mine..out of sheer disgust..HOW THE BLOODY HELL CAN PEOPLE SIT AND EAT IN THE SAME ROOM AS A PILE OF DISHES FROM 2 DAYS AGO??? This is so not how I am brought up! I washed dishes till 11.40 and then to frustrate me even more the $&^$)* sink started leaking and water started flowing onto the kitchen..I have thrown the rest of the dishes in kitchen sink..I've just come back to my room after washing my cloths and taking a bath and its 2 am.I am done..As soon as the agreement for this place is outdated, am finding my own place.Given a chance, I can live alone way better than this .