Monday, March 23, 2009


Life seems to be full of surprises nowadays..After all the AAGNEYA hype died down, and the Lab exams were handled, things were expected to go back to the boring old normal.But in my case things are just getting better and better..I really mean better.Tour planning started right after Aagneya and ever since the places were fixed most of my thinking time has been dedicated to day dreaming about the tour.We are the first batch ,says kuttan privileged to go on 'study tours' in all the three years.Now thats something:)
What makes this tour different?

1.Its longer than the last two.Ten days of taking care of yourself.Thats like enough to forget what your neighbor looks like rit?

2.Travel by train;That gona be really cool!..I think! is to places that I cant go otherwise..well thats there with every tour.I've never gone to any place out of town just for recreation or enjoyment..Nope..Not one..My parents are too dedicated to their work that they find it a crime to take leave for any trip unrelated to work.You can understand my irritation toward people who actually get to go to Kashmir and Manali and stuff with their parents and still think they have it tough.Boy am I jealous of all the 'am going to Blablabla with my parents' LTC' kids.I am even thinking of financing some terrorist organizations, cause terrorism seems cancel more trips reducing my frustration by considerable amount..Ah..who am I kidding!

4.To avoid unpleasant events am off all 'official' tourduties this time;which is very hard job for me cause am the kind of person who likes being busy like a bee with my brain runnin at 10000Rpm.So like I said, am off all the official stuff, like finance and IVs and stuff.But unofficially I still get to know things.Am really thankfull to the guys and gals for letting me in on the discussions and stuff.

5.planning started earlier ;May be this is the reason for most of the excitement in class.Even during series preps tour never failed to come up.We gals have gone shopping many a times in the name of this tour.Its totally wild how every conversation ends up in this single topic.

6.If I didnt enjoy the last tour, It was because I missed to see where I belong.Do you know how it feels when you dump all you other pals to hang out with somebody and the 'somebody' just goes off for 'somebody-else', leaving you to feel stupid.For the people who read the above lines as cheesy romance-oh cm'on think am that bad?For the information of some 'am-still-in-doubt's - its not a me!So this time I am fully equipped with enough backup hangout buddies,am ready to take on a fair bit of loneliness and am not gona let anything or ANYBODY ruin this trip for me..

With five whole days still remaining, I've packed and unpacked many times (and realised that it doesnt make your bag lighter), and I could just get on the train and go right now..:-)..Hope everything goes fine!