Sunday, March 23, 2008

So...What happend in the end???

The thing about watching TV at my house is that you almost never get a chance to finish watchin anything.Buyin a TV was my parents' ingenious idea to stop me and my sister from pestering them for outings.I think, from the very first day the TV came into our house (which was May 15th ,my sister's 7th birthday) itself my mother started hating it.Not only was it poluting the minds of her innocent (*wink*) children, but also becoming the reason for constant fights..

Fights over possession of the remote control and the arm chair (Rule no 1 of the TV room:No one but dad can hav both the remote and the arm chair at once for more than 5 mins. Rule no 2:Give dad the remote and his chair back as soon as he comes.You dont want him asking twice), over which channel to watch,when to watch,what to eat during watchin,who's turn to go answer the door,who's turn to pick up the phone...and so it goes on.
Oneway or another one seldom gets a chance to finish watching..what ever it may be.
Let me summarise what usually happens..

Probability 1:I want to watch hindi..She bein the only one in the household who could understand the rastrabhasha ,fights to uphold the greatness of hindi..or rather my right to watch stupid hindi soap operas and demean myself..adi pidi kuthu chavittu karachil and finally a chorus " ivalenne TV kanan sammathikkunnilla"...Mom,who has enough and more things running in her head comes,gives us both enough mailto: '!@!#!@$#!' to last one night, and sends us off to our own rooms.

Probability 2:We ACTUALLY agrees on watching the same program.To be honest,this phenomenon has been occurring more frequently nowadays.Main reason is that Jen has finally started understanding Star World..Its strange how the sitcoms and stuff like Heroes and Bones can unite two sisters against there mother for their rights to watch TV..
yes so we actually agree to watch the same program..Then comes the commercials...we hate one of us changes the the time we change it back the show would hav started and something would hav happened..adi pidi kuthu chavittu karachil...and the routine again..

Probability 3:We decide to watch the same thing,no changing channels,nobody misses anything..the show is almost at the climax..we are glued on to the screen..and then..PEE PEE...the car is here..that means Rule 2 has to be put in action..As we watch on in disappointment, dad changes the channel and starts watchin what he feels like watch..definitely not what we want to watch..

So last day, to be specific on vishu was on a tour..amma was in the kitchen and jen decided to sleep tests comin up,except for HOD's usual 'surprise test on next monday'...perfect time to watch TV in peace..
so i sit infront of the TV and start watching this movie called Manorama:Six feet was a different kind of hindi film,the kind i like.. and i was starting to get the hang of it..the climax is at its peak..Satyaveer has discovered what exactly he has got into him..and he confesses all that he knows to his brother-in-law over a drink..and suddenly his vision starts to blur..has Brijmohan double crossed him??was he on the villain's side??what?? what??WHAT??....

BANG..somewhere some stupid fuse blows...With an unbearable urge to scream somebody's head off i retract to my room..May be am not destined to get my head any more screwed by watchin the idiot box..*sigh*..who wants to watch it anyway..

PS:i still wonder what happend in the end of that movie..

Friday, March 14, 2008

At LAST..its the FIRST

After such a pathetically long time,I hav finally got my self wriitin the first post.I'll be frank ppl,Its no writer's block or anything..Its plain old laziness....Dear old me was too busy to put my phone down,drag my butt over to the pc and start typing....but today...I've decided its time for a total make over..its time i start clearing some stuff off the long list of un-done business...
my list has got so long that i dont even remember with what it begins..wait..does anybody remember that??
So here it is...the first lets hope i drag myself to here again atleast in the next decade...