Sunday, December 11, 2011


Finally its all over. All the rush and crowded ceremonies..Smiling at all those relatives- known and unknown. The hours of smiling and trying hard to look pretty. For the happiest day of my life, this is quite tiring. After a haze of cameraflashes and petal showers- finally- I am you.

"Smile..pretend to be happy..look at each other's face..aaand hold that pose"
Pretend? The photographer surely has it wrong . I dont have to pretend. I know I can stand like this for hours looking at your face and my smile won't fade..Quite cheesy..but its true..My smile won't fade because finally you are my husband.
"Kiss me"
"What..whats with the shocked face? You heard me..Kiss me"
"Don't be ridiculus..Be still and let him finish the darn photoshoot so that we can get the hell outa here"
"I dont care about the photoshoot..We already have so many photos together..and we don't need this stupid git's talent to make us look good together. So kiss me already"
"And what..give him a heart attack? and not to mention our parents who are relieved its all over"
"You are such a scardy cat"
"Stop acting like a kid. Quit giggling and smile at the stupid camera will you"
God! I just love it when you are mad at me..Because it just makes me feel loved somehow. I still cant believe, against all odds, after all that we have been through..everything did turn out fine.
"Can I say one more thing?"
"I love you"
and I saw a smile flash through your face.
"Smile..pretend to be happy..look at each other's face..aaand hold that pose"

I jerked awake from my daydream..ya..i have had that dream so many times. Infront of me I can see the photographer using the best of his talents to capture all your romance into the frames. And I see that you do look as happy as you were in my dreams..And her..She lookes happy too.. As happy as I was in those dreams.
I had promised myself I will not be here. I had travelled far to escape from being here.But in the end, here I am..To show others..and you..that i am happy things turned out fine for you. Or was it because I was quite sure you wouldnt look this happy? But its good that I came. I can see you are happy- more than I could have made you. And some how that makes me happy..
"..I love you..and goodbye!"

PS: Chill ppl..its just a fragment of my imagination..and if you think you know the ppl in the story ..then its a fragment of your imagination ;)


ചാണ്ടിച്ചന്‍ said...

Since you reiterate that it's imagination, I am sure it's damn real :-)
Chandiyodaano mole kali :-)

Kavya | മിണ്ടാപ്പൂച്ച said...


Dee.., too short a piece...too familiar a story line..Still simple, elegant,Beautiful..

RAJESH.M.S said...

Chandichan said it...this "fragment of imagination" comes from the mind which realize that the intuition it had was real...
Good read Amara... :)"I can see you are happy- more than I could have made you..." shows the immense love...